Sonos Play:3

With our high-quality Sonos Play 3 floor stand, you can literally and figuratively take the powerful sound of your Sonos Play 3 to greater heights. The floor stands have a fixed height of 80 cm, so you benefit from the perfect listening height. We have black and white stands that are specially designed for the Sonos Play 3. Get the most out of your speakers and choose a Sonos Play 3 floor stand that closely matches your interior.


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Features Sonos Play 3 standard

All our stylish Sonos Play 3 stands are made of high-quality steel and are powder coated in exactly the same color as your white or black Sonos Play 3 speaker. As a result, they fit seamlessly with your speaker and match any interior. Moreover, you can easily place the floor stands in any corner of the living room or bedroom.


Why a Sonos Play 3 floor stand?

A Sonos Play 3 is known for its powerful and immersive sound quality, making them ideal as a sound system in the living room or bedroom. To improve the acoustics of your room and create the ultimate sound experience, we have designed special floor stands for the Sonos Play 3. A Sonos Play 3 floor stand from Vebos has several major advantages:


  • Improved acoustics
  • No holes in the wall needed
  • Tight space filling
  • Easy to assemble yourself
  • Powder coated in the same color as your speaker


Mount the Sonos Play 3 floor stand

Your Sonos Play 3 has a built-in opening on the back, so you can easily and quickly attach your speaker using the supplied screw. In addition, our Sonos Play 3 floor stands are equipped with an innovative click system, so you are assured of a firmly seated speaker. In addition, it is possible to place your Sonos Play 3 speakers both horizontally and vertically on our stand.


Other options for your Sonos Play 3

In addition to our speaker stands, we have a very wide range of wall mounts, which save you space on the floor and easily adjust the listening height to your liking. In addition, our Sonos Play 3 floor stands in combination with one of our TV stands provide a completely new sound experience.


Ask? Please contact us

Do you have questions about our Sonos Play 3 floor stands? Please feel free to contact us at +316 412 541 32 or fill in our contact form. We will contact you as soon as possible and provide you with expert advice.