Customer service

  • Delivery & Pick Up

    How will my package be delivered?

    We give your package delivery join DPD. We send a confirmation e - mail once your order is shipped. If you are not home, DPD will provide your package the next day again.

    If your package can not be delivered for the second time , you get a notice of DPD, which stated where you can pick up your package (nearest post office or your neighbors). This way you can quickly receive your package.

    Which ways of delivery do you offer?

    To provide you with the best possible service , we offer different delivery methods. There is always one that suits you!

    You can choose what you prefer.

    • Your order will be delivered at your home.
    • You leave your order delivered to another address.


  • Privacy & Safety

    When you order something from us, you do not want prying eyes. No uninvited guests watch what you order. Or worse : they make off with your personal data. You're right. That we would not want . That's why everything we do, so that your private information remains exactly private.

    Vebos likes to hand on your purse strings. For no man can be a thief of your wallet. Therefore, we use a secure internet security once you start the checkout of your order. Then others will not get the chance to watch them secretly. Via SSL we sent encrypted transaction data. To pay with SSL do not need any special software. You can recognize a secure SSL connection to the "green lock" (see below) in your browser.

  • Returns

    I want to return my product , how does it work?

    We make every effort to inform via our website about the items . If an item does not meet your expectations, it can be exchanged. However, they are there to exchange some conditions.

    Returns conditions:

    Returns and / or exchanges. You must register for any required return within 14 days of your order via These 14 days starting from the date you received your order. If your shipment is registered with us you can send the item back to our return address, these can be found in the confirmation email. The article must be returned within 14 days of the report including the invoice or a copy thereof shall be returned to us. The article to be returned must be returned in the most original condition and here is subject to conditions The value decline due to damage by customer will be deducted from the refunded purchase price, you have tried to repair a defect , the operating instructions and / or instructions has not followed.

    Franking return:

    Only the direct cost of returning to Vebos come at your own expense , unless the nature of your complaint , otherwise agreed. You need sufficient postage your return at any time! Insufficient postage returns are NOT accepted by us and therefore not credited.

    Ordering replacement item for return:

    If you wish to exchange an item , we ask that you first register the article to be returned via email and this all indicate you want an exchange. Then, after receiving our mail order the desired item via the normal ordering process on our website, put in comments " settle because of return " , fill also exchange your order number of the item that you obtained by email from us. The amount of the return came product including shipping fee paid by you to receive your order, we will refund as soon as possible but no later than 14 days on the bank account you specified . Please note that the postage for sending the returned items and new items for your account.

    Processing of your return:

    The amount of the returns will , regardless of the payment method chosen by us as soon as possible but no later be refunded to your account or if you need an exchange , the new item you have selected mailed within 14 days. You can return the product prepaid to:
    Hoofdstraat 61
    7921 AC

  • Order

    Why bother, when you can easily order? Because ordering something online does not have to be complicated. A little book with Vebos is certainly a piece of cake. Within a few steps you decide all by yourself what you want, how you want to pay and if you want to receive the package or pick.

    Step 1: Select product

    Put the product in your shopping cart by clicking the orange order button.

    Step 2: Shopping cart

    No longer know where you left your shopping cart? Always annoying. This might may happen regularly in the supermarket, but not at Vebos. No matter where you find yourself at our shop, you 'll find your basket always return above. Once you open your shopping cart, you will see your order consists of the products.

    Step 3: Login

    Have your own Vebos account? Sign up here.
    A = Log in with your own Vebos account or create one to one here.
    B = No Vebos-account? No problem. You do not have to have one to complete the order.

    Step 4: Address

    Where we can send the order to go? Enter your personal details and address.

    Step 5: Payment Method

    Well, pay should do so. Select the payment method of your preference.

    Step 6: Overview

    Check if...

    ... knock your address.
    ... you ordered the right products.
    ... you ordered the right numbers.
    ... you have selected the correct payment.

    All right? Then it's time to settle . At least, if you have chosen to have the package delivered or pick up at our pickup address.

    All our prices shown include VAT

  • Payments and Money

    To pay via PayPal account is not required by PayPal. If you are the owner of a PayPal account is it possible to pay it directly ( bank transfer ). With PayPal can also be paid with a normal credit card. Because PayPal uses sophisticated techniques is a 100 % safe payment environment guaranteed. PayPal never make your information available to Vebos. (

    How does PayPal work?
    When set on the site of Vebos to pay via PayPal, automatically opens the PayPal payment page. Here , the payment can be completed. This can be done by logging into your PayPal account or directly by credit card.

    If payment is received your order will be immediately prepared for dispatch and shipped.

  • Warranty and Complaints

    Although Vebos has an extremely low complaints balance, it is possible that something unexpectedly is not properly attached to the purchased article or that it is corrupted delivered.

    We would like to be informed of this. One complaint we take very seriously.

    Register the complaint via contact: contact , provide your name and telephone number.
    Within one day you get a response from Vebos. In concert is an appropriate solution sought for the complaint, for example, exchange it for a new article or reverse the money amount.

    This warranty does not cover damage caused by (a) interventions or repairs carried out by the customer or by a person who is not authorized by Vebos to perform such interventions or repairs, (b) not using suitable packaging at the return of the product, (c) the incorrect installation or failure to follow Vebos instructions or warnings when installing, using or storing the product, or (d) misuse or accidents, whether or not during transport, including when it comes to third-party actions and force majeure.